ADEC Hospitality for Safe, Enjoyable and Modern Hospitality Services


Software Solutions to Improve Your Performance

ADEC Hospitality for Safe, Enjoyable and Modern Hospitality Services

Whether you run restaurants, hotels or entertainment destinations, managing your operations is both challenging and rewarding. You address a myriad of challenges such as safety and profitability on a daily basis, while exceeding your guests' expectations and needs. ADEC Hospitality can steer your business to profitable sustainability with software that addresses your challenges and concerns so you can focus on your brand and guest experience.

ADEC Hospitality offers AIP applications such as:

  • MetricsTrac
  • Food Services Sustainability Metrics
  • Inventory Calculations and Management
  • SupplyLink
  • Audits and Surveys

for a complete suite providing insight to opportunities for efficiency, growth and profitability.

ADEC Hospitality was created to balance your operational efficiency and environmental performance for an improved focus on guest experience and greater profitability. Our user-friendly software and outcome-focused data processing services combine to meet and exceed your initiatives for profitable sustainability and efficiency.

Continue giving safe, enjoyable, modern hospitality services to the public and let ADEC Hospitality provide the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value in a sustainability-focused world.