MetricsTrac for Faster and Easier Data Management


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MetricsTrac for Faster and Easier Data Management

For organizations with data dispersed across facilities, locations and teams throughout the company, identifying, aggregating and standardizing the information can be complex and time consuming. With MetricsTrac, monitor, manage and reduce your resource use and costs with our sustainability metrics tracking application.

Effectively and precisely tracking consumption helps you uncover hidden, wasted resources as well as opportunities for cost reduction. ADEC Innovations' MetricsTrac bundles a number of modules to bring you the tools you need to maximize savings while reducing the costs and complexity of accounting for and reporting emissions and resource consumption, especially across multiple facilities in disperse locations.

MetricsTrac lets you monitor all your environmental metrics, including GHG, water usage, waste, recycling and more, to reduce costs and report accurately for GRI, CDP, DJSI, GRESB and consortium initiatives.

Why MetricsTrac?
Simple. MetricsTrac makes it easy to set up, use and track your resource utilization. A hosted Internet-based solution, it eliminates the costs of maintaining a sustainability IT infrastructure.

Accessible. MetricsTrac provides a repository for utility bills and all documents related to the resources you're tracking for easy access and auditing.

Expert. Only ADEC offers integrated inventory consulting services and program management with unmatched expertise in back office data processing to help you make the most of your software investment.

Customizable. We'll even customize MetricsTrac to meet your specific needs with your own data entry pages, dashboards and reports.

Our experts set up this robust, easy-to-use, highly scalable software solution for you to produce and track detailed, verifiable data about your ongoing energy consumption. You can rely on us to collect and manage your data, saving you valuable internal resources.

By combining our consulting with our industry-leading software, we provide an unparalleled comprehensive solution that collects, verifies, monitors and manages all of your energy and sustainability data.

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