CDP Scoring that Ensures Disclosures are Thorough and Accurate


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CDP Scoring that Ensures Disclosures are Thorough and Accurate

CDP must ensure disclosures are scored consistently, timely and in sync with their methodology. With over 100 information fields being requested as part of the disclosure, the scoring is very resource-intensive, as well as highly seasonal, and a large amount of work has to be completed in a short length of time. With responses due in the span of a few months and scores released publicly across the globe a few months afterwards, the amount of work and the time constraints are a challenge in themselves. 

Thousands of organizations submit disclosures, and organizations send their disclosures in a variety of formats, with varying levels of completeness, requiring ongoing process improvements to maximize timeliness and accuracy. CDP accepts a variety of verification standards from around the world and many scoring agencies will only review one country or region’s disclosures to correspond with their expertise, rather than learning to assess all the different standards.

CDP and ADEC Innovations (formerly FirstCarbon Solutions) partnered to develop the processes necessary to ensure that together we provide consistency in applying the proper methodology and in the quality of the scoring. The experienced team is sensitive to ever-changing needs and is dedicated to success, with no gaps in the process.

ADEC’s experience with business process outsourcing (BPO) allows the scoring process to run smoothly and cultivates expertise in-house. We developed a lengthy and detailed process map with 50+ steps. Partnering with ADEC has helped to identify data processing and analysis opportunities that streamline the process and increase output efficiencies, with a significant increase in the number of scores per hour. 

With experience scoring 20,000+ CDP responses since 2011, ADEC gives CDP and reporting organizations peace of mind that scoring is thorough and accurate*.


*In accordance with CDP’s conflict of interest policy, ADEC does not provide official scoring services for any of our CDP consulting clients.